Hong Kong Street foods

10 Hong Kong street foods you must try

Hong Kong is known as food paradise. After tasted all these delicious Hong Kong street food cuisines, you would relish your chance coming back again. Here are 10 local street foods that you must try in Hong Kong, we can get all of these within HK$100 and “Feel-full” guaranteed. I am sure you would regret if you didn’t try all of them 😉

1. Egg Waffle

Egg Waggle
It is a spherical egg-based waffle and really popular in Hong Kong. It is made by egg and flour, looks round in shape. Now it becomes a famous street snacks that you cannot miss! Not only traditional taste of egg waffle, people now developed different tastes such as chocolate or sesame flavors. But I would recommend you to taste the traditional one.

Price range: HK$8-$10


2. Deep Fried Stinky Tofu

Deep Fried Tofu
I am not sure you are okay for the smell of Stinky Tofu. Its smell is terrible but tastes very delicious. For me, it is one my favorite!
Price range: HK$11-$15


3. Three Stuffed Treasures

Three Stuffed Treasures
Many street vendors are selling stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, tofu and fish ball from which you may choose 3 to 4 to try. Each vegetable is stuffed with salty mud carp fish, and it makes the taste special. My suggestion to you guys will be stuffed pepper!
Price range: HK$10-$12


5. Rice Noodle Roll

Rice Noodle Roll
It is kinds of dim sum and this is one of the must try item! It is a thin roll made with rice noodle. There are two kinds of rice noodle roll. One is serving with shrimp, pork or other ingredients and adds soy sauce on top of it. Another one is plain rice roll without filling any ingredients, it is also known as “Chee Cheong Fun”. Hong Kong street food store usually sell the second one, you would be amazed how good it is.
Price range: HK$6-$10


6. Curry fish ball

Curry fish ball
I would say this is the king of Hong Kong street food, you can find it everywhere in Hong Kong. Normally, it is served with spicy curry sauce and usually sold with 5 to 7 balls on a bamboo skewer. You may try the spicy fish ball in different food stall since they have their own recipe in making the sauce. The taste can be very different!
Price range: $8-$12


7. Egg Tart

Egg Tart
You can buy traditional egg tarts at Chinese restaurant or cake shop. We usually eat it with traditional drink – Yuan Yang. There are different flavor for you to choose such as milk or egg white tart.
Price range: HK$5-$8


8. Fish meat Shaomai

Fish Meat Shaomia
The original Shaomai is a type of dim sum which made with shrimps. However, shrimp is an expensive ingredient, local hawkers refined it by using fish meat. It has developed into a famous Hong Kong street food you can’t miss.
Price range: HK$5-HK$10


9. Pig intestine

Pig Inttestine
Do you eat pig’s intestine in your country? Whatever your answer is, you must try the way we make the pig intestine. You can choose to add spicy sauce or sweet sauce or both of them. Personally, I think the sweet sauce is a must!
Price range: HK$11-$15


10. Braised Squid

Braised Squid
Squid is always one of my favorite seafood. The Hong Kong street food shop usually braise the squid after you placed the order. I am sure one string would not be enough for this delicious street food.
Price range: HK$15-$18


More to know…

The price of the Hong Kong street foods varies largely between stores. One shop asked me for $20 for a bowl of fish ball because she saw me holding a camera and thought I was a traveler. So, follow our price range to spend wisely!

If you need more information about Hong Kong food or you have any inquiries about traveling Hong Kong, please post a question at my support area or visit our Facebook page. I will get back to you ASAP.

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